O.P Arena


Players: 2-6 Players
Ages: 14+
Time: 30-60 Mins

“For the last 8 billion years, the O.P. Arena has been floating at the center of the M82 galaxy providing a battleground for the most intense fights of all time. Players from across the multiverse send their champions in search of glory and riches, but only a handful make it out alive.

You’ve been training your Dudes since you were a child, and your time has finally come! Send your Dudes into the fight, and use their overpowered abilities to unleash hot death upon your opponents’ Dudes, and emerge victorious by obtaining 30 VPs!

That’s right, VPs! Insane! And you will obtain those precious VPs by doing damage and killing (yes, killing) other Dudes. Crazy, right? You want crazy? (You know you do!) Buy this game and see for yourself how crazy it is! – description from publisher

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84 tarot-sized Dude Cards
1 Scoring Track
24 Nerph Tokens
24 Shield Tokens
1 Extra Six-Sided Die • 18 Re-roll Tokens • 1 Rulebook
For Each Player Color:

1 Six-Sided Power Die
30 Damage Markers
1 Scoring Marker